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Hsinchu Zoo

The design elements of the administrative space in the zoo create lively and natural atmosphere. By using the combination of geometry and wood elements, it could be an imaginary jungle. The ceiling shaped clouds, the cable and pipe works could be tree branches, the cabinets formed whole trees, and the desks shaped islands. The intention of this office space planning is to create a strong connection to the natural environment. The curved corridor opens toward the view of the natural light and its movements in the space. Open bar is the core of this space for office interaction. There are many laughter and stories to be shared here in the office.

One of the challenges of the project is the smells in the space. The frequent in and out traffic bring the small to interior space. The air circulation becomes an important issue for the planning, however, the administrative space as the nature of the program needs some privacy and zoning. We coordinated the cable works so it functions as spacer but keep the ventilation. Different areas could be defined by the shapes of the ceiling. The layout could be floating and functional at the same time.


Floor area

362.86 square meters